mardi 14 août 2012

20 Elements That Let Your eCommerce Platform Successful

1.    The website must be professional and memorable.Always remember that a random visitor is a potential buyer so you don’t have a second chance if you lose your audience
2.    The graphical and technical elements of the website must be married
3.    The content (text image and video) must be oriented to grab potential buyers ,so be carefull to insert “HOT BUTTONS” , “BONUS” and such as things to engage the interest of visitors raising the chances of them to buy sometig
4.     The website must use state-of-art-encryption protection and security features because the customer must feels safe to give his confidential informations (credit card informations and security numbers)
5.    Shipping charges must be calculated using ZIP CODE POINT TO POINT so that the buyer don’t feel ripped off
6.    The domain name must be legally properly registered
7.    The site must have a hight search engine ranking which means the website should be found at first pages of popular search engines
8.    The website must get the people attraction and let those potential buyers emotionally involed while they are visiting and after they live the site
9.    The website must include Special Offers and FREE things to get the consumers informations such as emails and adresses to keep touch with them
10.  The sales platform must be easy to understand , simple to use ,and secure.This leads customer to buy from you
11.  The website must use marketing strategies to grab quality traffic and then more sales
12.  The site should have banner ads to satisfy the visitors’ personal buying habits
13.  The business executive must use correctly opt-in email lists and give the consumer possibilty to subscribe to a newsletter , so he can effectively follow-up with visitors
14.   The site should have an automatic engine that recommends products that complement the product that a visitor is currently purchasing .This helps increase the total sale amount
15.  The website should be using marketing strategies to drive targeted traffic
16.  The business must set up a hopper system that lead “not yet buyers” to the point of purchase
17.  The website must include “classified ads” with engaging headline and associated “FREE OFFERS”
18.  The website must be solid-convincinng to let the customer feel fool to buy elsewhere
19.  The website must use link exchanges whi non competitors hight traffic sites for driving them to the business
20.  The website must have a referral system in place promoting products massively